BAS Statement Income Calculator For Low Doc Loans

BAS Income Calculator

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BAS Statement Income Calculator
Obtain the figures from your last 12 months BAS & enter them in this calculator to see how three different lenders would assess your income for a low doc home loan.
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How do lenders assess BAS Statements?

The vast majority of lenders add up the “G1” figure (total sales) for the last four quarters and then include 40% of this figure in their assessment or the income that you have declared, whichever is lower.

Some lenders use 50% of the total sales or use a different percentage, depending on which industry your business is in.

One of our lenders has a slightly more in depth analysis and deducts the costs & wage expenses to calculate a more accurate figure of your income.

If some of your wages were paid to you as the director/owner of a business, then this lender may consider adding this wage expense back.

Lenders also look at whether you have made a loss in any particular quarter, in order to see if your income fluctuates significantly.

In such cases, some lenders may request evidence that you have paid your GST instalment.

Low doc loans with BAS

Did you know that there are lenders that do not require BAS for a low doc loan? There are a range of income verification methods you can choose from, depending on which documents you can provide.

Please refer to our low doc loans section for more information.

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