No! Thanks to competition between lenders, there are a wide range of loan types available with no income verification required.

If you are self employed and have a good credit history then you can obtain a loan with all the features you need without the hassle and paperwork of providing two years financials.

What is a basic low doc loan?

With a basic low doc loan you can get a discounted interest rate even for loan amounts as low as $100,000!

Typical basic loans allow you to make additional repayments and redraw, however they may charge fees for additional features that would be offered for free under a professional package.

Although not every lender has discounted basic low doc loans, there are a select few lenders that will offer rates as low as their normal basic loans, waived application fees and no monthly fees!

What is a professional package low doc loan?

Are you borrowing over $250,000? Some of the major banks will be able to offer you incredible professional discounts with your low doc loan.

Professional packages provide a range of banking products with significant discounts all for one low annual fee. Most of the time you will get a 100% offset account, cheque account and credit card all for free along with discounts on your home and contents insurance.

But there is a catch. Most lenders have different rate discounts and fee waivers with their low doc pro packs as opposed to their fully verified loans. Some lenders will not even waive the application fee.

There are also some lenders that only apply professional discounts if you borrow less than 60% of the property value. Because of the variety of discounts offered, it is more important then ever to use a mortgage broker.

To get the best deal with your low doc pro pack, call us on 1300 889 743 or enquire online on and we will obtain a quote from several lenders to get you the best rate discount and no application fee.

What is a fixed rate low doc loan?

You can lock in your rate for 3 years, 5 years or even up to 15 years with a low doc loan. Shopping around is essential for low doc loans with a fixed rate because of the huge variation between the fixed rates offered by the banks.

Did you know that some lenders charge a premium on their low doc fixed rates while others charge the same rate as for their full doc loans? In fact, some lenders will even offer a discounted fixed rate if your loan is part of a professional package!

A good mortgage broker will compare the major lenders’ fixed rates for you along with their rate lock fees, allowing you to find the best deal quickly.

What is line of credit low doc?

Line of credit loans allow you to use the loan account as your everyday banking account.

You can withdraw funds directly from an ATM, write cheques, link the loan to your credit card and pay your bills with internet banking.

This flexibility is very convenient and allows you to reduce your interest by putting all of your spending money into your loan.

Low doc line of credit loans have not been released by many lenders. This is because lenders perceive them to be a much higher risk than a standard low doc that does not have this flexibility.

However, there are several banks that will offer discounted line of credit rates for low doc loans under a professional package.

What features are available?

Almost all modern features are available for low doc, lo doc and lite doc loans. This includes interest only, 100% offset, repayment holidays, Bpay, internet banking, redraw and additional repayments.

How do I apply for a loan?

You can apply for a loan by calling us on 1300 889 743. We will arrange an obligation free quote for your low doc home loan from several competitive lenders, including the major banks.

  • Emma

    Can I get a low doc loan with no income evidence?

  • Hi Emma, as per the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) regulation implemented in 2010, the only possible way to obtain a loan with no income evidence is with a no doc loan.

  • R Brown

    When it comes to low doc investment loans, what will the banks be looking for?

  • Hey R Brown,

    Aside from cash out restrictions, most lenders have similar low doc guidelines. Typically, you must have been in your current business for two years. Most lenders won’t lend more than 80% of the residential security value. If you’re borrowing 60% or less then loan discounts and LMI waivers may apply. Most low doc lenders also consider your credit file so it’s best to have a clean credit history and a perfect repayment history on your current debts. If you are looking to invest with a low doc loan and have defaults then there are some specialist lenders that can help.

  • young

    Are there any special LMI discounts / offers with low doc loans?

  • Some lenders offer special promotions from time to time where they will pay your LMI premium. Currently, one of our lenders is promoting an offer where they will pay the borrower’s LMI premium if you’re borrowing 70% of the property value or less.

  • Krum

    I was amazed to find out that my friend got a pro pack with their low doc mortgage. I wanted to check if I could do the same but my lender didn’t agree. Not all lenders do this?

  • Hi Krum,
    Yeah not all lenders may offer low doc pro packs. There are also some lenders that only apply professional discounts if you borrow less than 60% of the property value. However, do note that most lenders have different rate discounts and fee waivers with their low doc pro packs as opposed to their fully verified loans. Some lenders will not even waive the application fee.

  • Demetrius

    Is it possible to get a low doc loan to buy a commercial property? I know that it’s okay with residential property but I have been considering investing in a commercial property and I can’t provide my financials anytime soon.

  • Hey Demetrius,
    Yes, you can indeed get a low doc commercial loan. If you’re buying a commercial property then you can generally borrow up to a maximum of 80% of the purchase price. You may be able to get reduced interest rates if you borrow up to 65% of the purchase price. Please go through the low doc commercial loan page to learn in detail about this: