Last Updated: 31st May, 2021

Australians now have the option to pay monthly premiums for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) instead of as a lump sum. Let’s take a look at whether this is the right choice for you and explore other possible ways to save on LMI.

How do I access the monthly LMI option in Australia?

One member of Home Loan Experts’ panel of lenders accepts monthly LMI premiums until the property’s loan-to-value ratio (LVR) drops below 80%.

More lenders will probably start to offer this option, as many share a common LMI provider, Genworth.

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Upfront LMI Vs Monthly LMI

Upfront LMI Monthly LMI
What is it? Pay a single premium when your home loan is approved. Pay monthly premiums for the duration of your insurance coverage.
How will this affect my deposit? You’ll need to save up a higher deposit, which may delay your dream of homeownership. You won’t need to save up a higher deposit, allowing you to buy a property sooner.
Will my home loan repayment be higher? Home loan repayment may be higher with LMI capitalised. There’s no impact on your home loan repayment, since LMI premium is not capitalised into the loan.
How long do I need to pay LMI? You pay a lump sum when the loan is taken out. There is no refund of the lump sum if you move lenders in the future. You pay premiums only until the LVR drops below 80%. If you move lenders in the future, and LMI is still applicable to your loan, you may need to pay an upfront or monthly LMI premium.

Is there a limit to how much I can borrow?

Borrow up to: