Did you know that Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) premiums vary from lender to lender?

On top of that, you often save more by reducing your LMI bill than getting a cheaper interest rate.

The problem is that lenders don’t advertise their premium rates so it can be difficult to compare without a mortgage broker to help.

Waived LMI

Although it’s increasingly rare, it may be possible to get the lender to waive your LMI completely or to charge a negligible amount. To do this, most lenders require that you meet the following criteria.


Accountants, lawyers, mining engineers, pro athletes and entertainment professionals

  • Maximum loan size of $2.0 million.
  • Maximum loan of 90% of the property value.
  • You must be a member of a relevant industry organisation (contact us for the list).
  • Accountanting professionals must either be an accountant, chief financial officer (CFO), finance manager, auditor or actuary.
  • Legal professionals must either be a lawyer, barrister, judge or solicitor.
  • Mining, energy and resources professionals must either be a surveyor, mine surveyor, quantity surveyor or a geoligist/geophysicist.
  • Different professional athletes will be considered under the condition that they have an accredited manager, agent or account
  • Entertainment professionals must work in either the television, film, theatre, music or fashion industries. Please speak to us to find out if you’re eligible.
  • You must have an income of over $150,000 per annum or will soon be on a similar income. Rental income can be considered.
  • Call us on 1300 889 743 or fill in our free assessment form to find out the full criteria.

DHA properties

90% waived LMI is available with some lenders when buying a Defence Housing Australia (DHA) property as an investment property.

Everyone else

  • Your loan is no more than 85% of the property value (85% LVR).
  • You have a perfect credit history.
  • You’re buying a property (refinancing to purchase a property may be accepted).
  • Max $1,000,000 loan size.
  • Max $1,500,000 in total loans with no LMI.
  • Major metro areas only.
  • If the security property is in Sydney, the combined income of all borrowers must be over $180,000 (excluding rent income).
  • Call us on 1300 889 743 or complete our free assessment form to find out the full criteria.

First Home Discounts

Are there first home buyer LMI discounts?

Select mortgage insurance companies have an 8-15% discount on their LMI premium for first home buyers.

This is only available through the lenders that deal with these specific LMI providers and have negotiated this discount on behalf of their customers.

In most cases, your home loan must be for less than $1,200,000 and your deposit must not be from a borrowed source.

First home buyer rate discounts

Some lenders offer special interest rates specifically for first home buyers or for 95% home loans.

Please refer to our interest rates page for the current special offers.

Essential Tips

Why do banks only accept certain professional?

There a few banks that have a list of accepted professionals that they will consider for waived LMI, higher loan limits and significantly reduce interest rates.

Why do they do this?

The reason is that they want their business!

Banks have found that select professionals in the medical, accounting, legal, engineering, sporting and entertainment industries:

  • Rarely default on their mortgage.
  • Make their repayments on time.
  • Borrow at higher loan amounts than other customers.

Although they don’t necessarily become repeat customers, they’re highly influential and are connected to other high net worth individuals in the same industry.

Banks want to capture these borrowers because they present the lowest risk for the highest pay off.

Remember these basic tips to reduce your LMI premium

The first step in getting a low premium is to understand how the LMI premium is calculated and then determine if there’s anything you can do to qualify for a cheaper premium.

The factors you should consider include:

The loan amount

The larger your loan, the higher the percentage of the loan amount the mortgage insurer will charge you.

Loans less than $300,000 have very cheap LMI, loans between $300,000 and $500,000 have moderate LMI, and loans greater than $500,000 have very expensive LMI. If you’re borrowing $300,001, you could reduce your mortgage by just $1 and immediately save as much as $800!


The LVR of your loan is the percentage of the property value that you’re borrowing.

If you’re borrowing $900,000 secured on a $1,000,000 property then your LVR is 90%.

The higher your LVR, the higher your LMI premium will be.

There’s a significant increase in the premium when you borrow just $1 over 90% or over 95%. If you’re close to these thresholds, reduce your loan amount to 90% or 95% and you can easily save a thousand dollars or more.

The lender / mortgage insurer

Different lenders and insurers have different LMI premiums. This is because they see the risk of different loan types, loan amounts and types of borrowers in different ways, and price their premiums accordingly.

To find the cheapest LMI providers please complete our free assessment form or call us on 1300 889 743 to talk to one of our specialist mortgage brokers.

What are genuine savings discounts?

Each mortgage insurer has several LMI products which are used for different borrower and mortgage types. Their standard LMI product is usually for people who can demonstrate that they have a saved deposit.

In many cases, they may also have a no genuine savings product, such as Genworth Financial’s ‘Homebuyer Plus’ product.

How does the source of your deposit change your LMI premium?

  • 5% genuine savings allows you to get standard LMI rates.
  • No genuine savings may mean you need to pay a higher LMI rate.
  • No genuine savings and a borrowed deposit, such as a personal loan or a loan from your parents, may mean your premium is even higher than a no genuine savings premium.

This varies between lenders with some having one set of premiums for all borrowers and others loading the premium depending on various factors. Our mortgage brokers will compare premiums from several lenders to ensure you get the lowest possible premium.

Choose the cheapest provider

The best way for most people to get the lowest possible LMI premium is to apply with a lender that uses a discounted LMI provider. Lenders don’t publish their LMI rates to the general public and do not disclose which LMI company insures their loans.

Please fill in our free assessment form or contact us on 1300 889 743 and one of our mortgage brokers can help you find the lowest premium.

Apply for a Guarantor loan

If you have a guarantor for your loan, you won’t need to pay any LMI even if you’re borrowing 100% of the property value.

The reason is that when the guarantor’s property is taken into account, you’ll be borrowing less than 80% of the total value of both properties so the lender will be happy to approve your mortgage without LMI.

Why have engineer discounts returned?

Up until September 2016, all lenders had pulled out of offering LMI waivers at 90% LVR for mining engineers.

The reason was due to the downturn in the mining, energy and resources sector.

Banks felt there was a high risk in offering mortgage discounts because of fluctuating job opportunities: mining companies were here one day and gone the next.

The chance of stable employment was seriously under threat.

However, a couple of lenders are now offering these amazing deals again because they have confidence in the upswing in the industry.

You can view current discounts on our Engineer, Surveyor, Mine Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor, Geologist or Geophysicist page.

Apply for a home loan

Our mortgage brokers know which lenders mortgage insurers are the cheapest.

Some lenders offer specials in an attempt to gain additional market share and, in many cases, these LMI specials are not advertised to the public.

Please complete our free assessment form or call us on 1300 889 743 to discuss your situation with one of our specialist mortgage brokers.

  • Steve

    Hi, I’ve applied in ANZ for a home loan. Will the Lenders Mortgage Insurance be added in the loan amount and is there any way we could decrease the LMI amount?

  • Hi Steve,

    Typically you will be charged a Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) if you are borrowing above 80% of the property value. Depending on your request, the LMI can be added on to you loan amount or can be paid for separately. You can avoid paying LMI altogether if you borrow up to 80%.

  • CD Vidal

    I’m a CPA and I’m interested in the exemption from LMI. I’m buying an investment property interstate for $239,000. Is this okay for a no LMI mortgage?

  • Hi there, yes you can buy an investment property and it can be interstate. As long as you meet the other requirements, this should be fine.

  • Timothy F

    I am part of the ICAEW and I want the LMI waived off my home loan. I will be buying our first home with my wife so can rental income be included to get me over $150k?

  • Hello Timothy F, yes, it can be included in your income so you should be eligible for a no LMI home loan.

  • Kayla

    Just wondering, under the entertainment professionals package for no LMI, which professions are accepted? I’m a photo journalist so both a photographer and journalist.

  • Hey Kayla, there are quite a lot of professions that are accepted. This includes professionals such as DJs, Actors /Actresses, Musicians /Singers /Composers, Models, Photographers /Film Makers and Journalists. So you should qualify as long as you’re a high income professional and you have either an agent or accountant. Most Photo Journalists we’ve worked with are self employed freelancers. This can be considered as well.

  • Ryan P

    I’m a medical professional and my last investment property loan was through a lender that has now pulled out of home loans. So I’m just wondering which other lenders can help…

  • Hi Ryan, there are several banks and other lenders with doctor discounts. The devil is in the detail as some have restrictive policies which mean it’s really a marketing tool and not a real offer. Some have waived LMI but then charge a higher interest rate! It’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. Give us a call on 1300 889 743 and we can sort this out for you.

  • Pepsi

    I’m a Chartered Accountant and my wife a lawyer. We only have a 5% deposit at present (i.e 95% LVR required) but want to avoid LMI. Any options as BOQ have changed thei criteria recently.

  • Hi Pepsi,

    Yes we can help with this. There’s a few options:

    1. We can get a 90% waived LMI home loan and then a personal loan to top up the additional 5%. If focus on paying off the personal loan quickly then this works out to be a very effective solution that saves you a fortune compared to LMI.

    2. If one of you is self employed then some of our lenders will consider part of the loan through business banking and part through residential. This means you can borrow 95% or 100% with no LMI.

    3. You can use a guarantor loan. This is where a family member provides their home as additional security for your loan and you can borrow up to 105% with no LMI and a great rate. You can then make additional repayments and when your loan is down to 90% of the property value we can remove the guarantee (with waived LMI if you qualify). https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/guarantor-home-loans

    You can also read more about profession based discounts here:

  • Andarusman Baratha

    Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Mining engineers, pro athletes…. wow, more leverage for the riches, while the rest of the struggling class ironically have to fork out more for LMI. How do these occupations deemed as trustworthy and secure? I know a mining engineer who hasn’t been able to get a job since last year.

  • Hi there,
    Yes we agree that mining engineers are a higher risk profession and it’s rare that they qualify for these discounts. Whereas there are strong business cases for the banks to approve special discounts for other professions.

    Our advice is to marry a doctor ;)

  • Dave

    Im in mining my wife a hairdresser we have a combined income of 185k we have a house and an investment property. We want to refinance to a better rate and buy a block of land and borrow 95% without lmi. We have about 80k equity in our house

  • Hi Dave,
    It’s hard to say as we’d need to see the full details. However likely the best option is to refinance one property to 90% without LMI and then the other property would be 95% with LMI. As a miner you wouldn’t qualify for 95% waived LMI unless you had a security guarantor https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/guarantor-home-loans

  • Betty

    My husband is an accountant, employed full time and I
    work full time also. We are purchasing a property for 1.5 million but only have 10% deposit, can we find a lender who will exclude lmi?

  • Hi Betty
    Yes potentially you can. It would mostly depend on your husband’s income. There are two options that could work for you. The first one would require his income (including rent income) to be:
    $150,000 pa if you’re in NSW, ACT, VIC or QLD
    $120,000 pa if you’re in WA, SA, NT or TAS
    The second option would allow you to borrow 4x your combined income. That means your total income must be $337,500 for you to buy a $1.5m property at 90% LVR with no LMI.
    If you meet this criteria then please contact us and we’ll help you to get approved, navigate the other criteria and negotiate a good interest rate as well https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/free-quote/
    Note that if you don’t qualify for this then a guarantor loan may work for you as well https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/guarantor-home-loans

  • Paul Gibson


    Buying first property, in capital city, 55m one bed. Working as teacher, property $410000. What’s the minimum deposit i need to avoid lmi?


  • Hi Paul,
    For a 1 br unit in a capital city this may qualify for 85% with no LMI or if the building is high density (a high rise) then the max you could borrow with no LMI would be 80%.
    For loans under $500,000 the cost of LMI isn’t extortionate. Whereas for loans over $1m the cost of LMI is prohibitive. So it may be a matter of choosing the lender with the cheapest LMI if you have a small deposit or alternatively we can help you with a guarantor loan https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/guarantor-home-loans

  • Jessica Toghill

    My partner and I are looking for an owner occupier property in Brisbane for around 1.2 M. I am a pilot on around $220000 and my partner earns $50000. What type of deposit do we require to avoid LMI?

  • Jenna

    I’m a CPA accountant and only recently has been advised that for CPA we can borrow up to 90% without paying LMI. Is it possible to get a refund as I don’t actually need to pay this LMI and we paid 14k for it. Also, the criteria above, is there any written down documents or it is all based on negotiation ? Thank you.

  • Hi Jenna,
    Unfortunately if you’ve already paid it then you can’t get it refunded. However you can refinance your loan and potentially get a better rate. The main criteria is that your income must be over $120,000 or $150,000 depending on the state that you live in.
    It’s something the banks don’t advertise, so although there are documented criteria I can’t release those documents as they’re for broker use only.

  • Gaff

    I was researching Medico no lmi home loan packages but it seems a lot of the banks and lenders I looked into don’t have this! I’m a medical practitioner in training and want to get a mortgage and avoid lmi because I know how high it can get. Can you help me get a mortgage with waived lmi?

  • Yes Gaff, we can help you get a no LMI home loan. We’ll need to assess your situation to confirm if you qualify for a Medico waived LMI home loan package first. So please call 1300 889 743 to discuss with an expert no LMI home loan specialist or simply enquire online: