How do I access my credit file?

You can request a free copy of your credit file by following this process:

  • Download and complete the credit file request form.
  • Fax or mail the form to credit reporting agency Equifax, which was previously Veda Advantage.
  • You will receive your credit file within 10 working days.

What if I have a bad credit history?

It is still possible to get approved for a home loan, depending on the nature of your situation.

You can find out more in the bad credit home loans section of our website.

What is a credit file?

Your credit file contains your personal information, including your name, date of birth, address and gender.

It also contains information about your credit history, including:

  • Which lenders you have applied for loans with during the last five years,
  • Any defaults, court writs or judgements in the last five years and
  • Any history of bankruptcy in the last seven years.

Your credit history is one of the most important things that banks take into account when you apply for finance to purchase or refinance. Knowing your credit history can help you make various decisions in applying for the right type of home loan.

Information on your credit history

Veda Advantage was the largest credit reporting agency in Australia.

As such, it held credit information files on individuals, in accordance with the Federal Privacy Act 1988.

In 2016, Veda was purchased by US-based credit agency, Equifax.

Banks and other financial institutions check Equifax’s database when you apply for loans.

You can read about what is on your credit file in the credit scoring section of our website.

You have the right to request copies of the information they hold about you under the Privacy Act.

However, you are only entitled to request a copy of your own credit history.

Can I view my credit file sooner?

You can download the request form here. Request can be made by mail or fax. This service is free of charge, and your credit file will be dispatched to you within ten working days.

If you don’t have time to do so, visit Equifax for their paid service. They can usually provide you a copy of your file within 24 hours.

Once you receive your credit file you can fax or email it to us and we will call you to discuss how your credit history would be viewed by a home loan lender!

  • Charlotte Linlin

    Hi, I don’t have a credit history here in Australia so my credit file is empty. Can I qualify for a home loan or do I need some positive aspects on it?

  • Hello Charlotte,

    Although not having a credit history or having an empty credit file isn’t the same as having a bad credit record, lenders still see it as a risk because you’re unable to show any experience in managing your debt and finances. However, you can still qualify for a home loan with some lenders. Please check out the “No credit history home loans” page to find out how:

  • saras

    It’s been over 3 years since I had some defaults and seems I still have them lodged in my credit file. Shouldn’t they be gone in like 2-3 years?

  • Hey saras,

    Actually, your current debt repayment history stays for 2 years from the date it was lodged but when it comes to defaults, court writs, enquiries and debt agreement, it’s 5 years. Also, you can only have a default removed with the consent of the company that lodged the default on your file in the first place.

  • Harper, L

    I was in a Part IX debt agreement years ago and it’s now recently been removed from my credit file. Will I be able to borrow normally now?

  • Hi Harper,

    Some lenders will still only be willing to lend you 80% of the property value, however, with some of our lenders, you can now apply for a standard mortgage at up to 95% of the property value at standard interest rates.

  • elliot

    Will all banks accept two people on a single home loan?

  • Hey elliot,
    Unfortunately, no. As a general rule, banks want the people borrowing the money and the people offering the security to be the same people. They’re often willing to accept a couple with a home as there’s a clear benefit to both of them in having that home.

  • santana

    Hi, I’m a mine surveyor so how large of a rate discount can you help me get?

  • Hi santana,

    The size of the discount that we can get you will depend on which industry associations you are a member of, your income and the size of your loan. As a general rule, the larger your loan the more you can borrow. You can view our current interest rates page to see which discounts are available for larger home loan sizes and fixed rate loans: