If you want to buy a home in Queensland, but affordability is an issue, then a Pathways Shared Equity Loan might interest you. Shared equity schemes are designed to help people with moderate incomes who can’t afford to pay a mortgage on a total property price but can repay a smaller loan.

What Is A Pathways Shared Equity Loan?

It is a scheme to help those who are living as a tenant in the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy and cannot afford to buy a home. This scheme will help them buy the house they are currently renting in a shared partnership with the government. Under this scheme, homebuyers must purchase the largest share their income will allow at that time – this must be at least 60%. For instance, if you can afford to repay 70% of the property price, you need to purchase this larger share, rather than the minimum 60%. You will not be paying more than 35% of your gross monthly income in loan repayments. The amount you borrow, interest rates, and household expenses will determine your monthly repayments. Further, you won’t be eligible for a loan under this scheme if the department’s assessment shows that you can afford to buy 100% of the property.  

What Factors Determine The Size Of Your Equity In The Home You Purchase?

The following factors will determine the size of your equity share in your home:  

Am I Eligible To Buy A Home Under The Pathways Shared Equity Loan Scheme?

You must fulfil the following requirements to buy a home under Pathways Shared Equity Loan.
  • You need to be a tenant when applying for a loan.
  • You must be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • You cannot own another property in part or whole.
  • You must not, in the opinion of the department, be able to buy your rental home with a standard mortgage loan.
  • You cannot have other debts that affect your serviceability. Also, how you have repaid other loans will be considered when determining your eligibility.
  • You need to live in the home that you purchase.
  • You must not have any outstanding debt with the department.

Can I Buy Any Property With Pathways Shared Equity Loan?

No, you must purchase the property you are currently renting from the department. Also, not all social housing is eligible for the program. Properties not available for purchase include those in very high-demand areas, sites with potential for future redevelopment, townhouses, units and cluster houses.

Who Is My Home Purchasing Partner?

On behalf of the State of Queensland, the department will co-own the property with the homebuyer. A homebuyer will own a minimum of 60% of the property, while the department will own the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Pathways Shared Equity Loan Queensland

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