First Home Owners Grant Tasmania (FHOG - TAS): 2021 Guide

What is the First Home Owners Grant?

The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is a one-off grant paid to first home buyers buying new or building a new home.

A new home is a home that has not previously been occupied or sold as a place of residence and includes kit homes.

In Tasmania, the FHOG grant is funded and administered by the State Revenue Office (SRO) – Tasmania.

How much is the First Home Owners Grant in Tasmania?

The First Home Owners Grant amount in Tasmania is $20,000 for eligible applicants who purchase or build a new home between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2022.

Last year, 725 first home buyers applied for and received the $20,000 FHOG grant amount in Tasmania.

Can I use the FHOG along with the $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant?

Yes, you can apply for both the FHOG and the HomeBuilder Grant provided you meet the eligibility criteria for both grants.

In fact, there are actually two HomeBuilder Grants available to Tasmanians looking to build or buy new. You must choose one.

  • $20,000 HomeBuilder Tasmanian State Grant: A grant of $20 000 available to owner-occupiers for eligible new home builds where the contract is signed between 4 June 2020 and 31 December 2020.
  • $25,000 HomeBuilder Commonwealth Grant: A $25,000 tax-free federal grant given to eligible owner-occupiers, including first home buyers who build a new home or renovate an existing home, where the contract is signed between 4 June 2020 and 31 Dec 2020.

The HomeBuilder grant has a few additional criteria you must meet which will render some potential applicants ineligible. Moreover, it also requires that you must enter into a contract before 31 December 2020.

Nonetheless, some eligible homebuyers may qualify for both the FHOG and the $25,000 HomeBuilder. That is to say, they can get up to $45,000 in grants ($20,000 FHOG grant plus the $25,000 federal HomeBuilder grant). But not all three!

So, if an applicant has been paid or will be paid the First Home Owners Grant, the applicant will not be eligible for the Tasmanian state HomeBuilder Grant for the same transaction.

Do I qualify for the FHOG in Tasmania?

Our First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) calculator is designed to work out which government benefits such as grants and stamp duty exemptions that you may be eligible for.

Are you ready to apply for the FHOG?

We’ve helped thousands of first home buyers apply for the FHOG and buy their first home.

Whether you’re buying new or building, talk to one of our specialist mortgage brokers by giving us a call on 1300 889 743 or by filling in our online assessment form to find out if you qualify for a home loan.

What is the eligibility criteria for the FHOG in Tasmania?

Applicant requirements

To be eligible for the FHOG in Tasmania, you must:

  • be a natural person (not a company);
  • be 18 years old or over;
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (if more than one applicant only one applicant is required to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident); and
  • occupy the home as your principal place of residence for a continuous period of at least six months commencing within 12 months of completion of an eligible transaction.

Also, you or your spouse must not:

  • owned a residential property in Australia before 1 July 2000;
  • have owned and occupied a residential property for more than six months in Australia after 1 July 2000; or
  • have received the First Home Owners grant before.

Building requirements

You must have:

  • entered into a contract to build your new home (comprehensive building contract); or
  • commenced laying the foundations for your home as an owner-builder; or
  • entered into a contract to buy an “off the plan” or new dwelling (being a dwelling that has not previously been occupied or sold as a place of residence).

Also, the building must be completed within 24 months of:

  • entering into the contract to build (comprehensive building contract); or
  • laying the foundations for an owner-builder.

The building is considered complete at the issue date of the occupancy certificate.

In the case of movable buildings (a building that is fixed to land, not a caravan or mobile home) being purchased, the applicant is classified as an owner-builder.

  • the commencement date is taken to be the date of the contract to purchase the new moveable building, and
  • the building must be new (that is, a building that has not previously been used as a place of residence).

Eligible transaction requirements

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