Last Updated: 31st May, 2021

Starting your own business in the competitive fast-food industry can be tough but it’s a little easier under a recognisable brand.

An Oporto franchise loan will allow you to own your own Portuguese chicken and burger store while taking advantage of the benefits of a franchise system that’s over 20 years old.

How much can I borrow?

If you have the capital and a strong financial situation, we can help you secure finance:

  • Buy a new store or existing: Borrow up to 50-60% of total business costs or up to 100% with an existing residential property as security.
  • Loan term: 10 years (as per the franchise agreement).
  • Loan term with property as security: 25 to 30 years (standard loan term).
  • Interest only: Around 2 years or more depending if you’re using property as security.
  • Low doc options not available.
  • We can help negotiate strong interest rates.
  • You’ll need to provide a business plan and profit forecasting along with your application.

No deposit needed if you’re using residential property as security!

Cash flow is crucial in business and this is a great way to keep more cash in your pocket for start-up capital.

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What do banks think?

Franchise loans are essentially business loans, although you do have a much better chance of getting approved finance since Oporto is one of a number of accredited franchises with some banks.

The key to getting approved is showing that you have past business experience (typically 3 years in a similar industry), either as an owner or in a managerial role.

In addition to this, you’ll generally need 3 years personal and/or business financials in the form of tax returns and business transaction statements as evidence of your good character. The bank basically wants to see that you have the ability to run successful Oporto store.

You’ll also need to have spoken to a business accountant and come up with a sound business plan with cash flow and revenue forecasting.

This is particularly the case when buying an existing store, which is seen as slightly more risky than buying a new or greenfield site.

If you’re buying an existing store from the current franchisee, you’ll generally need to provide 3 years financials for the business in the form business tax returns and profit and loss statements.

This is basic due diligence on the bank’s part but you should look to delve deeper into why the franchisee is selling in the first place.

What else will the bank be looking for?

Having capital to contribute to at least the first 6 months of operations is a typical requirement while having a clear credit history reflects your character as a borrower, which is important in painting a good picture with the bank.

We can help you!

Our mortgage brokers are specialists in business finance and franchise loans.

Firstly, we’re credit experts that know how to “package” an application so you have the best chance of getting approved.

Secondly, we’ve developed strong relationships with the key decision-makers in the commercial lending arms of major banks and lenders.

That means we can often negotiate heavily discounted interest rates and higher borrowing limits for strong applicants. It all comes down to the strength of your case and the business proposition we can build.

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How much does an Oporto franchise cost?

This initial capital investment of an Oporto franchise will vary between $350,000 to $900,000, depending on what type of store you want to buy.

These capital costs will cover the build and fit-out, signage and set-up stock:

  • Upfront franchise fee: $50,000 and it applies to all store types.
  • Pequeño (small shop front): These shop fronts are relatively new to Oporto and cost around $350,000-$400,000. You can take advantage of high-density metro locations where commercial real estate prices are high. Oporto also offers discounts on ongoing fees and royalty payments.
  • Drive-thru: $600,000 – $900,000.
  • Food court: $450,000 – $700,000.

The ongoing Oporto franchise fees include:

  • Royalty: 6% of weekly gross sales.
  • Marketing and advertising spend: 4-6% of weekly gross sales.

Read the UFOC!

Ask Oporto for their franchise kit or uniform franchise offering circular (UFOC). This will provide a complete breakdown of the costs involved as well as:

  • Your rights as a franchisee.
  • Oporto’s rights as franchisor.
  • Litigation avenues.
  • Copyright policy.

What are the steps to becoming a franchisee?

Including fit-out, the legal process and training, it generally takes around 3 months to get up and running:

  • The first step is to make an enquiry on the Oporto website or call (02) 8905 8400.
  • You’ll then have a one-on-meeting with one of their business development managers – ask as many questions as you can!
  • Do some research, speak with your financial adviser and if you still want to proceed, you have the opportunity to spend a day in a store to get an idea of the day-to-day operations
  • At this stage, Oporto requires you to prepare a business plan for the site they’ve chosen. They just want to get an idea that you have solid business acumen.
  • If your franchise application is approved by senior management, you will then need to pay the franchise fee and your training will begin.

Don’t sign anything until you get pre-approved for finance!

If you think it’s the right franchise system for you and you’ve sought out legal and financial advice, you can apply for an Oporto franchise loan right away.

It’s crucial you do this before signing the franchise agreement because you could lose your $50,000 franchise fee.

Why an Oporto franchise?

Oporto started life in the Sydney suburb of Bondi in 1986.

The chicken store, owned by António Cerqueira, was originally called Portuguese Style Bondi Charcoal Chicken and for almost 10 years it grew to be a takeaway favourite in the eastern suburbs.

In 1995, the chicken shop changed its name to Oporto and franchised its first store.

Despite fierce competition in the quick service industry, Oporto has since grown to more than 140 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand.

The last 10 years has seen strong demand from Australians for healthier dining options but they still want the convenience of take-out.

Oporto works by distancing itself from the perception that fast food is unhealthy and promoting its chicken as “fresh not frozen, grilled not fried”.

New franchisees can also benefit from the buying power and marketing capabilities of Quick Service Restaurant Holdings (QSRH), the owner and operator of Oporto chicken.

What does that mean for you?

It means you can leverage tried and tested business systems and the buying power they have in purchasing new stock and equipment.

You won’t get this as an independent start-up!

Do you need an Oporto franchise loan?

Make your business dreams a reality!

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