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Simplify Your Home Buying Process With The 360° Home Loan Assessor

Published by Otto Dargan on November 1, 2023
Buying a home is a monumental step in anyone’s life; it often comes with a barrage of complexities and confusion. Among the myriad online tools and resources claiming to streamline the process, it’s hard to distinguish the truly valuable ones. That’s where our 360° Home Loan Assessor steps in – your all-in-one guide to demystifying the mortgage assessment process.

The 360° Home Loan Assessor

Our 360° Home Loan Assessor is here to simplify your home-buying journey. It’s designed to determine your borrowing power, minimum deposit requirement, and costs associated with buying a home. No more juggling through various mortgage calculators and tools; we’ve got it all in one place. Steps to buying a home with the 360° Home Loan Assessor: understand borrowing capacity, determine minimum deposit, assess costs, and compare rates.

How Does The 360° Home Loan Assessor Work?

The 360° Home Loan Assessor is divided into six sections. Let’s break it down:

1. Your Buying Plans In this section, you’ll let us know whether you’re planning to buy a home or refinance. Additionally, you’ll specify whether it’s intended as your primary residence or an investment property.

2. Your Property Details If you’re a prospective homebuyer, you’ll provide essential details, including whether this is your first home, the desired location, an estimate of the property’s price, and the deposit you’ve saved. For those looking to refinance, you’ll need to input your current mortgage balance.

3. Understanding Your Household For homebuyers, you’ll answer questions about the number of people applying for the loan and the number of dependants in your household.

After this step, if you’re applying with another person, you will need to fill in their details as well.

4. Your Income Details Next up, you’ll provide details about your employment type (PAYG or self-employed), your annual income before taxes and deductions, and any additional income sources, like allowances, bonuses, commissions and more.

5. Your Expenses In this section, you’ll estimate your monthly living expenses and specify whether you currently own your house or rent.

6. Your Existing Debts The final section requires you to input the limits for all your credit cards and any other outstanding debts.

360° Home Loan Assessor: Results

Once you’ve completed these sections, click the ‘calculate’ button, and here’s what you’ll get:
  • Your Borrowing Capacity: You’ll receive a range representing the amount you can borrow.
  • Loan and Deposit Overview: This section summarises crucial information to aid your decision-making.
  • Property Purchase Overview: Get a clear picture of available funds and the overall costs associated with buying a property.
  • Interest Rate Options: We provide a table of interest-rate options, including variable and fixed rates.
You have the option to get an email of the results or fill in the details to get a call back from our team.

What Are The Benefits Of The 360° Home Loan Assessor?

Using the 360° Home Loan Assessor offers a wide range of benefits that can greatly simplify and enhance your home-buying experience. Here are some key advantages:
  • Efficiency: It simplifies and centralises your home loan assessment process, saving you time and hassle.
  • Results at Your Convenience: You can receive results via email, allowing for review on your own time.
  • Expert Support: Request a callback for personalised guidance when you need it.
The 360° Home Loan Assessor empowers you with a clear understanding of your financial readiness to get a home loan.

Try The 360° Home Loan Assessor

Ready to experience the power of the 360° Home Loan Assessor? We encourage you to explore the tool and witness how it empowers your decision-making. It’s the ultimate resource to evaluate your readiness for homeownership. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to simplify your home loan journey – try it today!

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