Last Updated: 31st May, 2021


We are not accepting applications for SMSF loans where the fund has less than $300,000 in assets.

There are amazing SMSF loan interest rates on offer if you can build a strong case with the right lender.

Check out the best rates on offer from our lending panel, compare the best deals and start investing for your SMSF today.

SMSF loan interest rates

SMSF Loan Type Interest Rate Comparison Rate* Contact Us
Variable SMSF loan 7.09% 7.69% Apply Now
3 yrs fixed SMSF 7.24% 7.84% Apply Now
5 yrs fixed SMSF 7.44% 8.04% Apply Now

* WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Each comparison rate is calculated based on $150,000 over 25 years for a secured loan.

SMSF commercial loan interest rates

SMSF Loan Type Interest Rate Comparison Rate* Contact Us
Variable SMSF loan 7.69% 8.29% Apply Now
3 yrs fixed SMSF 7.99% 8.59% Apply Now
5 yrs fixed SMSF 7.99% 8.59% Apply Now

* WARNING: The above rates are based on a $1 million loan size at 50% LVR.

SMSF low doc loan interest rates

Interest rates will be applied based on the strength of your application.

SMSF bad credit loan interest rates

Interest rates will be applied based on the strength of your application.

Why residential beats commercial lending

SMSF loans will always come with a “loaded” interest just because there is a higher risk with limited recourse loans.

However, this risk margin can vary significantly depending on whether we can get you approved at residential or commercial rates.

Many major banks process SMSF loans through their commercial or business banking department. Business lending comes with much higher rates and ongoing fees than the residential arm.

Getting approved at a lower, residential SMSF loan interest rate comes down to packaging the deal with the right lender.

Discover how much we could save you on your SMSF loan by calling 1300 889 743 or by completing our online enquiry form today.

You may be able to get standard investment loan rates!

One of our lenders can lend to the trustee of the bare trust instead of the SMSF trustee.

The trustee of the bare trust or holding trust must be an individual not a company. Other criteria applies.

Because the bank is lending to an indivual instead of a company trustee, you may be able to qualify for far cheaper investment loan interest rates.

If your SMSF is already set up and doesn’t have a bare trust, you’ll need a trust specialist to review and amend your trust deed and set up the bare trust.

This will typically cost you around $5,000. You should also seek independent financial advice where appropriate.

Beware of ongoing fees

SMSF lending is relatively new to the mortgage space so banks and major lenders are more than happy to tack on significant costs to their loans including high application and account-keeping fees.

This is particularly the case when you’re buying commercial property for your SMSF. The same is true if you’re applying for a bad credit or low doc SMSF loan.

High ongoing costs can add up over the life of the loan so it’s actually the same as getting a high interest rate.

You may not always get a good deal with a major bank

Non-banks like credit unions and building societies tend to be much more competitive than major banks and lenders when it comes to SMSF loan interest rates and ongoing fees.

Just because they’re not a major doesn’t mean they can’t be trusted!

We have nearly 40 lenders on our panel and we only work with the most reputable lenders in Australia.

Our mortgage brokers also have strong relationships with the business development managers at these lenders meaning that we can negotiate heavily discounted SMSF loan interest rates.

Please call us on 1300 889 743 or complete our free assessment form and one of our SMSF loan specialists can back to you with a free interest rate quote.