flagFounded: 1982

businessOwned by: Westpac Bank

monetization_onFinancial Strength: Standard & Poor’s AA- Fitch AA

securityLenders they support: Westpac, St George Bank, Bank SA, Bank of Melbourne, Rams

pie_chart_outlinedMax LVR: 95% LVR

account_balanceLMI Capitalisation: 97% LVR

beach_accessLMI Premiums: Compare using our LMI calculator | See below for Westpac’s LMI Premium table

Westpac LMI services a range of lenders but predominantly lenders within the Westpac group.

If you have a small deposit, there can be significant differences between what Westpac will approve and what Westpac LMI will approve.

It’s fair to say that Westpac’s strategy is to approve 80-90% LVR home loan applications themselves and collect the premiums and then allow an external insurance to take on the risk of loans over 90%.

How does Westpac LMI compare?

They’re great at

But they’ve got some drawbacks…

  • Their LMI permiums are expensive
  • Credit scoring is strict for people with a low asset position such as applicants that are recently divorced
  • There can be different assessment and scoring methods for Westpac, St George and Rams
  • They rarely forget or forgive if you’ve missed repayments in the past
  • As a large bank they have data on almost everyone in Australia which means they know a lot about your spending habits and credit history

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85% no LMI

Over the last 15 years, Westpac has released various specials to entice new borrowers. One they are well known for is waived LMI for loans up to 85% of the property value.

They don’t have this special on all the time. It depends on the market, their funding position and the type of loans they want to attract.

It’s a great option for people who are saving to buy a property but don’t want to pay LMI. On a $500,000 purchase, it means you’re savings up to $25,000!

Other lenders sometimes offer a special like this from time to time so please refer to our 85% no LMI page for more information.

Westpac’s LMI Premium table

LVR $0 – $300,000 $300,001 – $500,000 $500,001 – $750,000 $750,001 – $1,000,000
81% 0.45% 0.58% 0.74% 0.76%
82% 0.47% 0.60% 0.74% 0.76%
83% 0.58% 0.64% 0.96% 0.96%
84% 0.67% 0.83% 1.02% 1.08%
85% 0.72% 0.88% 1.17% 1.24%
86% 0.84% 1.05% 1.34% 1.35%
87% 0.89% 1.08% 1.44% 1.45%
88% 1.05% 1.17% 1.50% 1.57%
89% 1.38% 1.66% 2.27% 2.32%
90% 1.49% 1.97% 2.41% 2.50%

81% LVR actually means 80.01% to 81% LVR

Should you apply with Westpac LMI?

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