A low doc loan or low documentation loan is a flexible solution for the self-employed. It is designed for borrowers who have income and assets but are unable to provide financial statements or tax returns as evidence of their income.

Low doc loans rely on a self-verification method whereby you state your income on an income declaration form without the lender verifying your income using documents.

This means applicants do not need to provide any proof of their income. However, the banks will complete their normal credit assessment and will check that you can afford the loan using the income you have declared.

Which lenders have low doc loans?

  • CBA MAV package low doc standard variable rate / MAV package low doc rate line of credit residential equity / MAV package low doc standard variable rate / Low doc line of credit residential equity rate / Low doc standard variable rate loan.
  • Westpac- Premier advantage low doc rocket repay home loan / Premier advantage low doc variable investment loan / Premium option home loan low doc / Variable rate investment property loan low doc / Low doc variable investment property loan / Low doc equity access loan.
  • St George- Professional benefits low doc portfolio loan / Professional benefits low doc / Low doc portfolio loan variable rate / Low doc variable rate.
  • Suncorp- Low doc back to basics variable rate / Low doc asset line / Low doc standard variable rate.
  • ANZ Professional benefits standard variable residential land loan / Professional benefits standard variable rate / Breakfree equity manager / Equity manager low doc 60 / Standard variable rate low doc 60 / Professional benefits equity manager.
  • NAB Tailored home loan low doc / National flexi plus low doc.
  • And many more.

Very few lenders offer low doc home loan solutions and it has become increasingly difficult to get low doc applications approved.

If you cannot provide full financials, speak with one of our experienced mortgage brokers so we can present a strong case on your behalf.

Call us on 1300 889 743 or complete our online assessment form to discover if you qualify.

Am I eligible for a low doc loan?

Low doc loans are usually offered to meet the needs of small businesses, contractors and other ABN holders. It is typically designed for the self-employed who cannot prove their income through documentation.

There are low doc loans for people with a normal job although they are not as readily available.

Please enquire online to find out whether you are eligible for a low doc loan. You can read more by visiting our low doc home loans page to gain further information.

Who can benefit from a low doc loan?

Low doc loans are designed to benefit those who have a deposit saved or have some existing equity however have trouble proving their regular income. You must have a sizeable deposit of at least 20% of the purchase price.

Apply for a low doc loan

Please enquire online or dial 1300 889 743 to get expert advice on low doc loans from one of our specialist mortgage brokers.

  • Matt P.

    A friend told me that I can’t take out a low doc loan at 80% LVR without paying LMI. I thought it was the same as a normal loan but maybe a higher interest rate only. So at what LVR will I not need to pay LMI?

  • Hello Matt,

    Low doc loans are of a higher risk than standard full doc home loans so you can only avoid paying LMI if you borrow at 60% LVR, and not 80%. You can give us a call or enquire online by clicking the orange “Get a free asessment” button to have one of our mortgage brokers look into your situation and find all possible solutions that can help you.

  • V Woolf

    Do all the specialist lenders have a low doc loan?

  • Hi V Woolf,

    All specialist lenders have one or more special loan products such as bad credit, low doc, owner-builder construction and such. Hence, there are chances that not all of them will accept a low doc loan but all have their own specialties. You could call us to find all the required information.

  • Spaulding M

    Is there any simple resource or manual that I can check out to easily determine whether I qualify for a low doc loan?

  • Hello there,
    Yes, you can simply use the low doc loan calculator on our website to find out whether or not you qualify for a low doc loan. The instructions on how to use the calculator, as well as some additional info, are on the page itself. Here’s the link to the calculator:

  • Coreen

    How much stamp duty will I need to pay? How do I find out if I qualify for a stamp duty waiver?

  • Hi Coreen,
    You can simply enter your details in our stamp duty calculator and it will work out the amount of stamp duty that you may have to pay as well as if you’re eligible for a grant or reduced stamp duty. Here’s the link to the calculator:

  • Marcela

    What will happen to the stamp duty if I buy a property under discount from a family member?

  • Hey Marcela,

    In most cases, you will need to obtain a stamp duty valuation and pay stamp duty on the value as opposed to the purchase price.

  • Denise S. McClintock

    Could it be possible for someone to qualify for low doc if the amount they were applying for was small, without the down payment …

  • Alexandria

    I’m a self-employed plumber and I’m trying to get a home loan. I’m just researching at the moment about low doc loans. I wanted to know whether full doc loans are cheaper than low doc loans?

  • Hi Alexandria,
    In most cases, as the lenders are providing you with a loan without having to see your full financial statements and recent tax returns, it is riskier for them and they, in turn, charge a slightly higher interest rate compared to full doc loans. However, the rates are still pretty competitive. Please dial 1300 889 743 or enquire online https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/free-quote/ to get expert advice on low doc loans from one of our specialist mortgage brokers.

  • Jensen

    Hi, I’m a registered building designer. My last year’s tax returns show my income as zero on paper as this was due to a loss carried forward from previous financial years. I have a good income just not on a tax return. I would like a land plus construction loan. Is this possible with a low doc loan?

  • Hi Jensen,
    We have several lenders who allow you to add back certain tax write offs like losses carried forward essentially increasing your assessable income. This allows you to borrow based on your actual income. Depending on your situation we can either go with a full doc loan or a low doc loan. Please fill in our online assessment form: https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/free-quote to discuss your situation.