Can your parents help pay your home loan?

A guarantor loan is currently the only option available to borrow 100% of the property value plus the costs of completing the purchase.

However, a security guarantee alone doesn’t solve the problem if your income isn’t quite strong enough to afford the amount that you’re borrowing.

An income guarantee home loan can help you to get around this problem!

How does it work?

  • The amount you’re borrowing will need to be partly-secured by your parents home.
  • Most lenders require your parents to be part owners in your home.
  • Your parents need to provide an income guarantee.

While 80% of the property value will be secured against the property that you’re buying, the remaining 20% plus the costs of completing the purchase (typically 5% and relating to such costs as stamp duty, legal fees and mortgage transfer fees) will be secured against equity by your parents’ property.

You can read more about this on the guarantor loan page.

Your parents will need to complete a signed declaration stating that they will help you with your repayments should you be unable to do so.

Call us on 1300 889 743 or fill in our online enquiry form and we can let you know if you qualify for an income guarantee home loan and whether it’s the right no deposit solution for you.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow up to 105% of the property value which includes the purchase price plus the costs of the completing the purchase including solicitor’s fees, stamp duty and any loan application fees that may apply.

You can also avoid the cost of Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and even borrow a little more (up to 110%) to consolidate any outstanding debts you may to the lower interest rate that applies to your home loan. It can can be a great way to move faster towards removing the guarantee and, ultimately, financial independence.

How do my parents qualify?

If you’re asking your parents to help with your home loan, each application will be assessed on a case by case basis by select lenders.

Your parents’ security

As a general rule, they prefer to see that your parents own anywhere between 1% to 50% of the property (in most cases, 20% ownership is required).

It also depends on the type of purchase that you’re looking to make:

  • Owner occupied: Minimum ownership of 10% with some lenders as an exception.
  • Investment: Minimum ownership of 1%.

Your parents’ income

The lender will be checking to see that you and your parents’ income is enough to support the full loan amount, not just each of your respective percentages of ownership.

That’s why, generally, an income guarantor solution is only suitable for high income or high net worth parents.

To verify your parents’ income, the bank will normally ask for their two most recent payslips or their two most recent individual and company tax returns if either of them are self employed.

Get legal and financial advice

It’s usually a requirement for home loan approval that you and your parents speak to a qualified solicitor and a financial adviser before asking them to help pay your mortgage.

It’s important to keep in mind that you, as the borrower, and your parents, as the guarantors, are jointly and severally liable for the full debt irrespective of the percentage of ownership.

Is an income guarantee home loan right for my parents?

We regularly get customer enquiries from parents who are close to retirement and want to buy a home for their son or daughter.

They have a good income and want to help with repayments, particularly if their son or daughter isn’t earning quite enough to afford the amount they’re looking to borrow for a mortgage.

Like a standard guarantor loan, the purpose of a servicing guarantor loan is for you to get your foot into the property market and then pay down the loan to eventually remove the guarantee.

Simply fill in our free online enquiry form, tell us about your situation and we’d be happy to sit down with you and your parents to explain the whole process.

When can I remove the guarantee?

Later, when your income is stronger, you can buy your parents out.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay stamp duty on the portion that you pay out.

For example, if you bought a $1 million property in NSW and your parents were providing a 20% income guarantee, you’d pay stamp duty on $200,000. That works out to be around $5,500.

If the property grew in value by 10% over that time then you’d have to pay stamp duty on $220,000.

What if my parents are over 55?

Banks can be very conservative when it comes to over 55s because they’re nearing retirement age.

That means they may soon be in a position where they can no longer afford to make repayments on your home loan depending on the loan amount.

If your parents are at retirement age, our mortgage brokers can usually mitigate or address this risk by providing the lender with an exit strategy.

It could be that your parents will continue to work full time past retirement or they plan to downsize their property and they will have additional income from the sale.

What about spousal income home loan?

Professionals such as lawyers and medical professionals often buy a property in the name of their partner for the purposes of asset protection in the event of legal action taken against them.

However, if your partner is a stay-at-home parent or they earn a significantly lower income than you than their borrowing power alone may not be enough to qualify for the amount you want to borrow.

Fortunately, there are some lenders that will allow you to borrow in your spouse’s name but take into account both of your incomes.

Essentially, this is another form of an income guarantee home loan.

Do you need an income guarantor home loan?

Our mortgage brokers are specialists in income guarantee home loans and other no deposit solutions.

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  • Lexie

    I need some help to set up an income guarantee home loan. I seem to be in a weird and complicated situation in the eyes of the bank when I actually thought it would all go smoothly. Where can I place an enquiry?

  • Hi Lexie,

    Banks can sometimes make things more complicated than they have to be, especially if they don’t use a more common sense approach. You can send in your enquiry to us at or speak with one of our guarantor home loan specialists on 1300 889 743.

  • Adamson

    I’m just finishing my degree now and only working casually at a cafe. I’ve already got a job lined up for when I finish. FYI, my field of study is Chemical Engineering. My parents are well off and both have good incomes and want to help me get into the property market before prices rise too much more. Can I buy now with their help?

  • Hey Adamsn,

    Yes, you can buy now with their help. We’d need a “security and serviceability guarantee” from your parents. That means that they would be assisting with your repayments while you are studying and that they are providing a guarantee using their property so that you don’t need to provide a deposit. We’ll need to discuss this with them in detail so that they understand how it works, but it’s quite a good option for someone in your situation.

  • Luca

    I want to buy a property with my long term housemate. He’s got a high income but he doesn’t have a deposit. My parents are willing to gift me a deposit but I’m working part time. Can we buy together?

  • Hello Luca,

    Yes, you can do this but you’d want to have a discussion about your future plans. Discuss what would happen if one of you wanted to sell or one of you got a long term partner who wanted to move in. If you do all of this and possibly get a legal agreement drawn up then this will reduce the risk associated with your lives changing direction. You should both get legal advice as well since it’s a big decision.

    You can buy as tenants in common which allows you to own unequal shares if required e.g. 60% and 40%. We can set up the loan so that you each have your own loan and again yours would be smaller as you’re providing the deposit. You guarantee each others loans so please be aware that if one person doesn’t make the payments then the other is still responsible for their loan.

  • ema_louise

    My husband and I currently own our house and have a mortgage. We are relocating to another town 3 hours from where we currently live as my husband has just begun contracting and is now self employed. I will either get a job transfer or look for a new job. In a perfect world we would like to be able to sell our current property and buy again where we are relocating too. Because I maybe without work for a short period and my husband has just started contacting is our only option to rent until we can supply two years of self employed invoices and bank statements? Can you use a guarantor in this circumstance to buy again straight away? We would have a decent deposit once our house sold also. Just trying to see what our options are as we would like to avoid renting but it maybe our only option. Thank you. Emma

  • Hi Emma,
    If your husband is contracting with one main company, has no staff and no major expenses then we can assess his income as PAYG instead of self employed and can rely on his tax invoices as evidence of his income
    We may need a couple of months history of this before we can get approved, it just depends on his situation.
    Likely you would not need a guarantor and can instead use your husband’s income and your existing equity. If his income is strong you can keep your old home as an investment or alternatively you can sell the property if you’d prefer to keep your debt down.
    If you’d like our help then please contact us

  • Erin

    When would commercial lending be applicable on a boarding house purchase? I can get a guarantor to help me but I’m asking this because I don’t want to pay the higher commercial rates.

  • Hey Erin,
    Commercial lending would be applicable on a boarding house purchase typically when the boarding house has 6 or more bedrooms. As long as it’s a standard hoome being used as a boarding house with less than 6 bedrooms, you should be able to go residential.

  • Brad Hannam

    Can my parent(s) sign on as a guarantor if they do not own their own home?

  • Hi Brad
    In most cases if your parents don’t own property then they cannot guarantee your loan. If they are helping to pay the loan and they have a high income then they can be a part owner of the property and then some lenders will allow their income to be used. They must receive a benefit from the transaction.