Last Updated: 18th September, 2023

Your experience in buying a house will depend largely on how much risk lenders think they would be taking on by lending money to you. This, plus your income and assets, are among the largest factors affecting your borrowing power or borrowing capacity as an Australian expat.

What Is Borrowing Power?

Your borrowing power is the largest loan a lender is willing to approve for you. Having low debt, a strong income, a valuable asset portfolio, and reasonable living expenses, among other things, will increase anyone’s borrowing power. If you are an expatriate, however, there are some special factors to consider. First, the loan approval process is different, and that will affect how lenders calculate your borrowing power. Also, tax laws and other regulations will affect your borrowing power in many ways. Knowing how to position yourself to make the most of these laws will allow you to borrow more.

How Is The Loan Approval Process Different For Expats?

Australian expats can apply for a mortgage and, in most cases, can borrow as much as a citizen residing in Australia, although the loan approval process might be slightly more complex, due to these factors: