Strong Auction Results: Why Is The Auction Market Hot Right Now?

Published by Otto Dargan on April 13, 2021

Australians who traditionally have worked in central business districts (CBDs) are now choosing to work remotely, which has led them to purchase properties in the emerging suburbs.

In connection with increasing house prices, which have seen some buyers priced out of certain areas, this has driven an increase in property prices in regional locations 2-4 hours commute from CBD hubs.

The Australian auction market saw a significant rise in the volume and clearance rates last week, despite Easter traditionally being a quiet time for auctions and property sales. The holiday didn’t seem to have an impact this year as demand resulted in an almost 80% clearance rate.

Some experts predicted Easter would see the market cool slightly, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This is a good reflection on what we can foresee in the coming months – more suburb records, more high clearance rates and ongoing price increases.

Capital cities Volume of auctions
Melbourne 1035
Sydney 849
Brisbane 122
Adelaide 96
Canberra 79
Perth 19
Hobart 7

Source: CoreLogic

Melbourne triumphed with the highest number of auctions last week, at 1,035, followed by Sydney with 814.

Likewise, Canberra led with the highest preliminary clearance rate at 90.1 per cent, followed by Sydney with 82.8 per cent. Suburb records are a new norm in Canberra.

Several economic factors have contributed to these strong sales, including low-interest rates, flexible lending standards, job security, and buyers’ fear of missing out. However, record-low interest rates are also pushing house prices upwards.

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