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  • Akhilesh Singh

    how much in percentage you will lend for a unit in Southport QLD?

  • Hi Akhilesh,

    It depends on the unit type but up to 95% with a normal loan and up to 105% with a guarantor loan. Please note that Southport is a high density location. If your unit is in a high rise building then some (but not all) lenders will reduce your loan to 80% of the property value.

  • Courtney Lynn Cockrell

    Hello we are first time home buyers but we need to get a personal loan and a moratage loan but was wondering if we get a personal loan will it hurt us getting a moratage loan and what if I get the personal loan in my name with him cosinging would that be better then him taking a personal loan in his name while applying for a moratage loan

  • Hi Courtney
    We’d have to look at your full situation to be sure. But in most cases it is best to get the mortgage first unless the personal loan is part of your deposit. If it’s part of your deposit then there are only a couple of lenders who will accept this

  • Courtney Lynn Cockrell

    well its really for taxes and paying off credit card but i have bad credit think its like 512 but his is 742 so the mortage will b in his name but if i get a personal loan in my name with him cosinging would that hurt him in getting the moratage loan…And his debt to income ratio is low…We have a couple thousand right now but was wanting that for closing cost or some down payment

  • It may be best to get your current debts under control before buying. Again we’d have to see your full situation to be sure.

    Best of luck!

  • Gareth

    Hi i exchanged contracts on a new build the other week just waiting to complete .. in the meantime my card has gone caput and needs £1000 spending on it could I put this on my credit card or would it affect the mortgage

  • Hi Gareth,
    In Australia this would have a negligible effect. In the UK I couldn’t be sure but as long as your card doesn’t go over the limit and is paid on time then this should be ok.

  • Gareth

    Thank you for the reply I think I’m going to wait until completion until I use the card thank you

  • Caitlin fletch

    Hi, my partner and I have been stuck in a renting rut for a while now and are struggling to save up for a deposit for home loan and I was wondering if there is a way we can get around it. My dad said he would be gaurentor for us but will that cover 100% of the loan and not require a deposit? Can we use our rental history as proof of “saving” per say? The property we are looking at is $149,000 if that makes any difference.

  • Yes you can borrow 100% if your dad guarantees your loan using his property

    Whereas without a guarantee you’ll find a rental history can help in that the bank will allow your deposit to come from any source as opposed to it being saved by you. So a gift from your dad would be an acceptable source of a deposit. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need a deposit. Without a guarantor you still need a deposit

  • FYI We cannot assist with loans under $300,000 at this time as we’re short staffed. However other mortgage brokers may be able to.

  • Nikita Horne ˚͜˚

    hi me and my partner are looking to buy a house with uk help to buy scheme and can only get a mortgage for £230000, the house we want to buy is £257500 do we have any options to get a larger mortgage?

  • Hi Nikita,
    We can only finance properties in Australia sorry.

  • Joanne Paroci

    My parent’s are going guarantor for us using a property with no mortgage.
    We’ve already been told our borrowing capacity was 558k with a 30k debt consolidation and stamp/legal cost by one of your brokers but havent heard back as he is probably busy.
    Question i wanted to ask is ive since commenced working part time permanent consisting of 25 hrs approx $550 gross. I am currently recieving fam tax a and b and husband also works full time (105k annually) with 3 dependents.
    I was told that by working it would def boost borrowing power but just curious to know how long id need to be in work for to be able to get an idea of how much more we could intially borrow if that makes sense.

    Could we apply right away or do we have to wait 3 months.

    Cant get much of a home for 558k in sydney.

  • Joanne Paroci

    Should state the husbands tax return last year was 79k but his projected outcome with weekly overtime was calculated to be 105k according to his YTD currently.

    Prior to working i was only receiving fam tax a and b of 850 per fortnight and will reduced to about half id say in a month or so.

    Which is why borrowing power was 558k max.

    So as it stands now i receive 850 per fortnight plus 550 per week until my working credits reduce.

    If that makes sense.

  • Hi Joanne,
    Sorry about that issue regarding our broker not getting back to you. Please call us on 1300 889 743 and ask for Maria and she can make sure that your file is being looked after.
    It’s hard to say how long you’d have to wait for your income to be accepted. The lenders that can do a guarantor loan with debt consolidation are also quite conservative when assessing income. I just checked their policy and it requires you to be in your job for 6 months before they will consider your income.

  • Joanne Paroci

    Thanks for your reply. I will give the broker until tuesday, feel bad as he has all our details etc anyhow. But thanks for that!
    Hmmm. Kind of confused now abit though,
    If my income cant be used to boost our power for an additional 6 months thats quite disappointing.

    We just do have a deposit hence why mums guaranteeing the loan.

    Weve been renting for almost 3 years at $520 per week etc hence wht no deposit. If that makes sense

  • Hi Joanne,
    Can you please send the broker a follow up email and cc maria at just to make sure.
    If you aren’t consolidating debt (i.e. just a guarantor loan) then we can use your income now. That’s based on what you’ve told me. The broker would know better as they’ve seen your whole situation

  • Joanne Paroci

    Ok may do that shortly thanks! So we can use my income only if we do not consolidate?
    Its just because my husband has a cba personal loan of 27k outstanding i believe and a 3000 harvey norman 50 month int free promotion via ge money.

    The broker said we should consolidate etc as they weekly amount he pays is 170 per week.
    Makes sense i guess.

    I used your borrowing calculator and the figure was spot on witb the original max borrowing power prior to me getting this job.

    Now its saying we can borrow up to 730k?.

    Hoping its pretty accurate haha.

  • If you consolidate and use your income as well then you can borrow more. However you may need to wait so that you can qualify.

  • Joanne Paroci

    Ok great to know.
    Will send an email atleast that way il know if its possible or how long i need to wait for.

    Appreciate the promot responses, you’ve been super helpful!
    Kindest regards!

  • No problem good luck with your purchase.

  • Gemma

    At what stage of home loan process will lenders protection plan insurance be offered? Before or after approval

  • Hi Gemma,
    LMI protects the lender not you, however they obtain the LMI policy at the same time as the loan is formally approved. You can read more about LMI here

  • Gemma

    Thanks for that but also when is the type of insurance offered for us to cover us Incase of illness etc not sure what it’s actually called? Hope that makes sense. Thanks

  • Hi Gemma
    There’s income protection insurance and mortgage protection insurance and trauma insurance which may help. I’m not an insurance expert however I’ll email you the details of an insurance expert that should be able to help you with this.

  • Gemma

    Thanks I have been given a quote for this insurance from the company I’m refinancing with but as yet to hear of my approval from them so wanted to know if this is a good sign if they have already offering insurance cover? So is this likey a good sign for an approval for my loan?

  • Hi Gemma,
    It’s hard to say without knowing the name of the lender and insurance provider. Personally we always believe it isn’t approved until you get the formal loan approval. Best not to rely on that as an indicator.