First Home Owners Grant

NSW To Restrict Stamp Duty Exemptions

personOtto Dargan access_timeSeptember 13, 2011

From January 1, 2012, New South Wales first home buyers will only be eligible for a stamp duty exemption on newly built and “off the plan” homes. These changes will significantly disadvantage a large majority of first home buyers, as over 80% of homes bought in NSW...

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First Home Buyers Are Low Risk Borrowers

personOtto Dargan access_timeAugust 18, 2011

Westpac have today announced that First Home Buyers are in fact lower risk borrowers than many other types of borrowers such as investors, second home buyers or empty nesters. This is somewhat counter-intuitive, surely people who have not borrowed before and have a lower asset...

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Queensland Building Boost Grant

personOtto Dargan access_timeAugust 8, 2011

The Queensland government has announced a new grant for eligible property purchasers called the “Queensland Building Boost Grant”. How much is the grant? Details are as follows: the amount of the grant is $10,000. the grant is available to any person, corporation...

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