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Martin Cha

Mortgage Broker

Martin Cha has been working in the home loan and banking industry for over 14 years.

In that time, he has worked for quite a few major lending institutions, including National Australia Bank (NAB), Macquarie Bank, AMP, St. George and RAMS.

Working with these lenders has allowed him to gain an in-depth understanding of the banking industry. With impressive knowledge in credit and his exceptional social skills, his strongest desire is to help people to achieve their property owning goals.

Martin’s specialties

Martin is an experienced broker who specialises in several areas including:

Martin’s experience

Before he switched career paths to become a mortgage broker, Martin was involved in credit and business development at some of Australia’s biggest lenders.

It was with these lending institutions that he learned several tricks of the trade and gained the experience needed to become a broker.

He admits that although it helped him understand the industry better, he was never allowed to see the end result of his work, in particular, how loan approvals changed the lives of clients.

As a mortgage broker, he now sees the way property ownership can change his clients’ lives.