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Kishore Bhatu

Mortgage Broker

Kishore truly understands the ins and outs of lending and has mastered a wide range of loan products offered by the lenders in the market.

His vast experience in the banking industry, from the loan service process through to credit assessment, enables him to exactly understand his customers’ requirements and provide tailor-made solutions for his clients.

He’s nicknamed the “Loan Guru” for his in-depth knowledge of the credit policies and loan products across many lenders. He leaves no stone unturned to achieve loan approvals for his clients, even if it is the most complex situation. He firmly believes in providing the best service and making people’s home ownership and financial dreams come true.

Kishore’s specialties

Kishore has considerable expertise and a track record of getting home loan approvals in the following areas:

Kishore’s experience

Kishore started his career in finance at St George Bank in April 2004. He began by working in the Lending Service Centre where he learned the basics of lending and the loan process.

After several years of experience working with home loans, Kishore was transferred to the Gold Lending Team within St. George, which looked after the high networth clients of the bank. He received the “Rising Star Award” in the very first quarter of joining the team and was inducted into St George Elite “Resi Club.”

He moved to the St George Broker Channel in 2008 to work in the post settlement support team. After a few short years he was promoted to Team Leader which involved managing an offshore project and helping to improve the bank’s systems and procedures.

During this time he got to know the mortgage broking market closely and understand the other 40+ lenders offering a whole range of loan products.

In early 2014, he was ready for a new challenge and joined the Home Loan Experts team. His sound understanding of bank processes combined with his knowledge and passion for customer service has allowed him to become one of the top brokers in the company.