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Learn to buy your next home with no extra costs.

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

But, with so many steps involved, the whole experience can cost you a lot more money than it actually should.

So to help potential homebuyers and investors, we have a short program that will ensure that you steer clear from any hidden traps and hideously cost blowouts.

Learn from a real hands-on educator who has purchased multiple properties and has helped settle thousands of loans all around Australia.

In this free program, you will get a lifetime of knowledge delivered to you in 4 simple modules, including…


12-video e-course by

multi-award winning property owner and financier Otto Dargan.

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3 easy-to-read

detailed, and highly informative e-books.

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13 Week First Home Buyers Email program

that reinforces and continues your learning series explaining every step of the process.

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consultation with a mortgage coach.

Normally valued at $197 but

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A 12-video e-course by multi-award winning property owner and financier Otto Dargan covering:

  • How Much Should You Spend On A Home

  • The 3 Secrets To Getting The Best Home Loan Deal

  • How Much Deposit You Need

  • The Right Amount To Borrow

  • The Keys To Getting Approved: How A Bank Sees You

  • Knowing What You’re Looking For & What To Avoid

  • How To Find Your Dream Home

  • How To Inspect The Property And Do Your Due Diligence

  • How To Value A Property

  • What Not To Do At Auctions

  • Plus 2 Bonus videos on helpful tips & mistakes to avoidy

FHB Guide
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A 13 Week First Home Buyers
Email Program!

  • Get a week by week playbook on how to buy your first home and a checklist of weekly goals

FHB Guide
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3 easy-to-read, detailed, and highly informative e-books.

  • ebook 1 – FHB guide – for first home buyers

  • ebook 2 – Home Loan Guide – how to get the best rate/ loan types

  • ebook 3 – Your Guide to finding your first home- A winning Home buying strategy

Mortgage Coach
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PLUS _ Mortgage Coach

This is where this program totally sets itself apart from every other home-buying program- Upon completion of the program, you will receive FREE access to a Mortgage Coach to answer any questions you may have and help you on your home buying journey.

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Hear what our other past participants
have to say about the program:

G. Figueroa image Julia R.
rating star

It answered a lot of questions that I had and revealed new information that I had not even considered or knew about.

G. Figueroa image Daniel
rating star

It was very informative with a lot of inside knowledge which can only be acquired from people who are in the know.

G. Figueroa image Lisa G.
rating star

The course was very thorough and informative. It was an uncomplicated delivery and very easy to listen to.

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Finally Meet Your Instructor

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Home Loan Experts

About your instructor- Otto Dargan

Otto Dargan never wanted to be just another face in the crowd. His passion for real estate, investing and financial services compelled him to create a business with an emphasis on customer service that’s often lacking from other brokers or major banks – which is why Home Loan Experts stands out as Australia’s leading specialist mortgage broking firm!

Otto made it his life’s work to provide the best service possible for his clients, which has led him to become one of Australia’s most recognized brokers and a stand-out leader in financial services with an emphasis on real estate investing as well.

You could not ask for a better person to help guide you on your home buying journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to our 12-video e-course, 3 e-books on buying a home, a 13-week email series that explains every step of the process, and one FREE consultation with our mortgage Coach.

You can use your free consultation as soon as you sign up for this package. All you need to do is fill in our registration form and pick a time that suits you best to speak with our expert.

Led by our founder, Otto Dargan, the mortgage specialists of Home Loan Experts are the driving force behind this course. One of Australia’s top specialist mortgage broking firms, Home Loan Experts, is the recipient of multiple broking awards throughout their 16 years of operation and has helped countless Australians buy their dream home.

The videos and emails will be accessible to you even after completing the course. The 3 e-books can be downloaded and accessed offline as well. Sorry, but you can’t keep your Mortgage Coach (but feel free to call, email, or text them at any time whenever you need help).