Invest commerical building by foreigner and mortgage

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Invest commerical building by foreigner and mortgage

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I am a foreign investor and would like to invest the commercial building in Brisbane. As per my understanding, foreigner can only buy the new residential property. May I know if there is any restriction in commercial property, new or existing ? What is the maximum loan percentage? What is the current interest rate ? Do you have a table what kind of charge I need to pay ? Thanks.

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Re: Invest commerical building by foreigner and mortgage

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Hi ginvest

Thank you for your forum post.

Please note that the rules are the same whether investing in residential or commercial real estate - that is a new property must be purchased as opposed to an established property. You also need to seek FIRB approval.

With commercial lending the parameters are subject to each individual application and therefore rates, fees etc are based on a case by case. Rates will start from approx 5%. The maximum percentage (LVR) will range between 60-80% depending on the type and location of the property.

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