Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

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Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by albee »

Hey everyone!

I mentioned that I bought my first ever property about 3 months ago! Ever since taking the plunge of buying a property and owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a mortgage, I've started to take the matter of property investment rather seriously!

I've signed up to several property investors newsletters and actively participate in forum conversations because I really think the more you participate and the more you read the better you are off when it comes to picking a winner that will slide from the losing lines in some under-valued Western neighbourhood to make its way in the winning line-up where years from now the legendary comeback or prospering of a town will be remembered alongside other 'miracles' one sees in property investment.

So as such, I'm now close buddies with property investors like Michael Yardney and the guys from Positive Real Estate! They send me so much e-mail! They check up periodically on how I'm doing and are always at hand to guide me through any problems I may face in my journey on the yellow brick road to find the riches in Oz!

I've never attended one of Michael Yardney's seminars and I feel I should! But he charges for his seminars! And they're not like $29/$39 that Steve McKnight charges! They're usually up there at the $80/$90 mark! I means yes, Michael yardney is older! But is what he's gotta say worth the $80/$90?

In e-mails Michael often comes across as being a bit grumpy and pessimistic as often old people are. So has anyone seen him live? And what are your views on how sound his methods are? I'm very curious to know!

Thanks everyone, happy prospering :)

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Re: Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by twoba »

Hey All,

I've come across Michael Yardney not in person but on newsletters. He has his own way of doing things and may not be everyone's cup of tea. You will see that if you sign up for his newsletters he always tends to start with a doom and gloom scenario of how high the property prices in Australia are! And they are! You know how they say, typically the property prices double every 7 years? Well, do you reckon that the $1m property in places like Glebe and Balmain is going to be $2m in the next 7 years? Is this even possible?

Well, I say yes! Why do I say this? Because I'm seeing what the lenders are up to! They're introducing a 90-95% LVR loan for loans up to $1 million dollars!

And what does Mr. Yarndey promise with his program? The below are taken from his website:

Here’s what you’ll learn when you join my Mentorship Program

*The 35 traits of all super successful property investors - are you missing any of these? (If you are, you're not going to experience all the success you deserve)
*The main reason most property investors don’t achieve financial freedom – understand this and you’ll be well on your way to property mastery
*The mindset ALL successful property investors, business people and entrepreneurs have in common (great news: it’s surprisingly simple for anyone to learn to think this way)
*How to turn up your financial thermostat and see opportunities where others see problems
*How to use the knowledge you have to find your passions and pursue them, allowing you to become wealthy doing what you enjoy.

So I say, it's nothing groundbreaking. He may be the oldest but there's no difference in his cookie-cutter approach that differentiates him from the other property investor franchisers.

Has anyone found him helpful and would like to share? I'd be curious to know!



Re: Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by Ella »

Hi Twoba,

It's good to see you on our forum.

I personally don't know of Michael Yardney but am interested to hear about what he recommends!


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Re: Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by sbs123 »

I have gone through all the post and found it very interesting for property investment.


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Re: Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by kathryn »

Hi Everyone,

I've seen Michael Yardney's one day course and yes he does charge for the day, but I find that he is very knowledgeable. Of course you need to take whatever all 'gurus' say with a grain of salt, as they all have an extra course, book, mentoring program, etc that they wish for you to join, but this maybe what you need as an investor.

However it you are serious about investing and you walk away from the day with just piece of information that a seasoned investor recommends that makes you thousands of dollars, then is $90 a lot to outlay?

I guess it comes down to taking action with information that is available out there about the property market, both free and charged, and then piecing it all together with more research and applying to to your property investment strategy.

I recommend to talk to like minded investors in Sydney at these seminars as well as other Property Entrepreneur Networks and on forums like this to get your head around any questions.


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Re: Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by jay82 »

I came across a very interesting line by an American investor regarding Property Investment. It goes like:

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”
Warren Buffett

A few tips:
1. Know the market
2. Build your safety net
3. Choose an area considering approachability and management concerns
4.With the buy-to-let refurbishments approach, observe your target customers, see what they demand and refurbish accordingly. Your own persoanl taste may not be appreciated by every individual
5. Decide on a buying criteria considering your cashflows first, then capital appreciation

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Re: Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by delaware »

I read your post you share some good information. The new investor like all the real estate because they all are show they are better for every one, you can not in loss, your property rates high in future. For new investor first important think is were they invest there money what type of property they choose and there real estate agent is good or not.

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Re: Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by JohnBroderick »

My advice is here, you must first figure out what type of property investment you wanted to invest, let's say for example a condominium and for you to have a good stream of income, you should choose a property that is ideally situated in prime location and from there you can let it for lease.
In the Philippines, I know one good leasing company that take hold for management responsibilities for those people who don't have enough time to manage their property.

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Re: Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful?

Post by georgenelson »

On reading this entire forum thread I came to know more about where, when and how to invest on right place. Thanks for sharing this useful tips.

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Property Investment Tips of Michael Yardney Useful

Post by Haroldtary »

I dont understand the reasoning behind buying an investment property with a view to reselling it to foreign buyers. There are 70 million Turks. At best maybe a million or so foreigners would have an interest in Turkish property. Wouldnt it make more sense to buy something that could be sold on to the 70 million?

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