Acceleration In Mortgage Arrears—Will It Worsen?

Published by Otto Dargan on March 10, 2021

According to a report published by Standard & Poor, mortgage arrears are on the rise.

The upward inclination comes following the end of COVID-19 loan assistance and is likely to worsen in the second half of 2021.

With the date for expiration of mortgage deferrals approaching (March 31st), the arrear index increased to 1.37 per cent in Dec 2020, from 1.28 in the same period.

But there is more than one option for borrowers grappling through reducing or clearing out their arrears.

The low-interest rates and strong refinancing conditions currently seen in the mortgage industry can provide a lot of support and help them come out of arrears unscathed.

Are you looking to refinance your home loan?

To come out of mortgage arrears, refinancing your home loan could be the best option.

Refinancing can help you lessen your repayment burden by:

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Westpac Slashes Fixed Rate Loans!

Effective from March 9th 2021, Westpac has slashed fixed-interest loans. This cut applies to all its subsidiaries as well.

Following the action, the Reserve Bank of Australia governor doubled down on his promise to not increase rates until at least 2024.

What this means for you as a borrower is you can start looking for the lowest interest rates for your home loan.

For those with a higher interest rate mortgage, refinancing with lenders offering lower rates could also be an option.

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Properties Getting Sold Pre-Auction In An Alarming Rate

Properties are selling before auctions in staggering numbers as buyer demand rises and stocks stay low.

The number of properties selling pre-auction is at a 20-year high in Sydney and a ten-year high in Melbourne.

The unravelling of this data has put many buyers in a panic about not being able to buy the properties of their liking at an auction.

However, buyers need not panic as it is mostly only one type of property that is being sold off the auctions.

While houses and townhouses are in high demand, apartments are still plentiful and high seller expectations are keeping plenty of options on the market for buyers.

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