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Is Your Suburb A Property Investor’s Paradise?

Published by Otto Dargan on March 12, 2014

It’s clear that no matter where you live in Australia, property prices are on the rise and no two suburb locations are created equal.

However, if you’re planning to put your hard-earned dollars to good use and get the most bang for your buck, the question is how do you find the best property investment opportunities in the country?

The same suburbs that provided profitable capital growth and rental returns last year won’t necessarily provide the same great returns this year.

Luckily for you, our friends at Your Investment Property magazine, the sister publication of Mortgage Professional Australia, have done all the hard-work for you.

The findings?

In their annual, in-depth study, the Your Investment Property team have weeded out the worst of more than 15,000 suburbs to give you ‘Australia’s Top 100 Suburbs 2014’.

As part of the research process, a wide range of property analysts, real estate agents and economists were consulted, including Australian Property Monitors senior economist Dr Andrew Wilson and noted property author and lecturer Peter Koulizos.

The forecasts from these experts were then compared with past sales data and supply and demand indicators, with a strong focus on such issues as tenant demand, the local economy, capital growth and affordability.

The Queensland town of New Farm topped the list followed by New South Wales’ Newcastle central business district.

Top suburbs for each state

Below we’ve pulled out the top suburb for each state.* ‘Average GPO Distance (km)’ means the distance to a government post office in the capital of that state. References to ‘H’ and ‘U’ refer to house or unit, respectively.

Use our postcode calculator to determine whether the property you plan to purchase will be seen as high risk by the banks when it comes time to apply for a home loan.

Just starting out as a property investor? Our property investor learning centre can provide you with all the tips you need to start you on your journey.

Is your suburb a property investment hot spot?

*Tasmania did not make it on to the Top 100. The complete Top 100 list excludes markets where investors are likely to only make short-term gains over a period of less than five years including speculator markets, one-industry mining towns and future retirement or holiday havens. For the full Top 100 list and for more information on Your Investment Property’s methodology, please go to