Renovation Activity Picks Up The Pace Along With The Rest Of The Property Boom

Published by Otto Dargan on June 1, 2021

Australia is undergoing a renovation boom. A record number of people are looking to upgrade their properties with the help of government incentives.

Fixer-uppers, and even houses in need of a full rebuild, have been in high demand in the property market across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane lately, as most people are spending more time at home.

From dilapidated houses to dated homes, property buyers and developers are busy taking on extensive renovation projects.

What are the benefits of renovating?

  • It’s less expensive to buy a house that requires renovation than to buy a property that is livable from the get-go.
  • It enables you to adjust to your changing needs, like building a working space from home.
  • It helps increase the value of your property in the long run.

You could go in and do a cosmetic renovation. You could also spend upwards of a million on a complete renovation. It depends on your needs.

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