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Discounted Home Loans For Lawyers

Published by Otto Dargan on August 6, 2014

Legal professionals in Australia have it good. With a long history of being good borrowers who pay back their loans on time, Australian lenders consider them low risk borrowers with great incomes.

What does this mean for you? Well, for one, the banks are willing to lend you more than 80% of the property value without charging lenders mortgage insurance (LMI)! These offers are not generally advertised so only brokers with good relationships with lenders actually know about this.

How much can we help you save?

Considering that LMI can amount to over $20,000 for a million dollar property, we’re helping you save thousands which could be better spent on a holiday (or buying shares if you’re boring).

Do you already have a house that you want to buy? Take our LMI Calculator for a spin and see how much in LMI you could save if you spoke to one of our brokers.

Are you borrowing less than 80%?

If you have a good asset position and are able to borrow less than 80% then great news! Banks prefer borrowers who have good financial habits and coupled with your professional status, can offer you a fantastic interest rate that’s way below the bank standard variable rate.

This is available to all lawyers, barristers and solicitors who can fulfil certain requirements. If you aren’t a lawyer then don’t worry, we can still help! Check out our page for professionals and those in unusual employment situations. You could even get a genuine savings discount!

You may know the law but we know home loans! Call us today on 1300 889 743 or fill in our free assessment form and let us help you save thousands of dollars!

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