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Yes! You can qualify for a home loan after you’re discharged bankrupt.

  • You must be discharged from bankruptcy.
  • You’ll need a 10% deposit.
  • You must be purchasing a property.

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How much can I borrow?

There are specialist lenders who will assess your application based on its merits and allow you to borrow up to 90% of the property value.

You will need to be discharged bankrupt and have at least 10% of the purchase price as a deposit plus the costs of covering stamp duty and Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). These costs vary from state to state.

Other conditions may apply.

What is discharged bankrupt?

The term ‘discharged’ is purely an automatic process of the law which releases the bankrupt from bankruptcy.

One you are discharged, you are no longer bankrupt and no longer required to have limited assets and no overseas travel.

It also means that you’re able to apply for credit again.

When can I refinance my home loan?

You’re able to refinance from a specialist lender to a major bank or lender once you meet standard bank criteria, specifically:

  • You owe 80% or less of your property’s value (up to 90% can possibly be considered).
  • You’ve made all of your mortgage repayments on time for the last 6-12 months.
  • You can provide full income evidence (low doc loans at 80% of the property value may be available on a case by case basis).

Consolidate minor debts including credit cards and personal loans!

If you’re discharged bankrupt (or have just completed your Part 9 agreement) and want to refinance your existing loan to consolidate some debts, there are a few select lenders that allow you to roll all of your debts, including your new mortgage, into one low repayment each month.

If you have missed repayments on the debts you’re looking to refinance, a specialist lender may consider your situation.

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  • They walked us through the process step by step

    We would like to say thank you to Hank from Home Loan Experts for all his help in getting us a guarantor loan.

    We were really unsure if we would ever get approval for a home loan, but Hank immediately knew the right lender to approach for our situation, and made the whole process simple…

    We would definitely recommend Home Loan Experts to anyone. Thanks again to Hank and the team from Home Loan Experts for making it possible for us to own our first home.

    Ianthe S & Jadobi l, Carina QLD

  • A very friendly, professional and helpful team

    The team was very friendly, professional, helpful and went out of their way to get the right loan that was suitable for us… I recommend this service for those who find it very hard to purchase a property going directly to a bank. Thank you Home Loan Experts, you have finally given my family and I the opportunity to own a beautiful home.

    Denise H, Epping VIC

  • A lot smoother and less stressful than having to deal with banks as an individual

    Our mortgage broker was very personable and made us feel like he went above and beyond to assist us in getting our home loan. He had a great knowledge of guarantor home loans which set our mind at ease. He was happy to answer any questions even outside business hours and responded in a professional and timely manner. As a second home buyer I would recommend going through the home loan experts as this process was a lot smoother and less stressful then having to deal with banks as an individual. I would especially recommend Hoa to others.

    Melissa H & Rhys B, Wynnum West QLD

  • Exceeded my expectations in terms of results

    Throughout the process I felt confident in knowing I could rely on you and at no stage did I ever feel that trust could be an issue with you. You have exceeded my expectations in terms of results and have done this with very short notice. You are an asset to your company and a role model to your profession… I already have and will continue to recommend your services to friends and family.

    Thomas M & Tanya W, Botany NSW

  • So easy to speak to no matter how stressful the situation

    We are both so grateful to Amine for all of his hard work and great advice over the past year! It’s been such a long journey… We are starting to settle into our new home in Trentham now. It is just so beautiful and relaxing! We really love it and are so happy with our purchase. Amine was right all along – things happen for a reason! Thank you Amine for always being there for us.

    Tanya & Andrew B, West Melbourne VIC

  • He even made a guarantor loan from our parents seem effortless!

    After the roller coaster ride of going cap in hand to the bank manager, only to be turned away… we found Tony. What a refreshing change! Within a 2 week time frame we had approval and were able to follow the normal approval process to get the loan…. With Tony’s inside knowledge on how lenders think he was able to approach the bank with an excellent case and really put us in a great position in the lenders’ eyes…. We recommend Tony and the Home Loan Experts strongly and will be using them for our next purchase…

    Julie W & Luisa C, Waikiki WA

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